The best water filter to remove chlorine and chloramine too!

There are a few great water filters that can remove both chlorine and chloramine. Our recommended water filters also remove pesticides, lead, and other chemicals that can get into water these days.

ImageProduct DetailsAverage pesticides removedRemoves Atrazine?Removes Glyphosate?
Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher99.3%99.8%99.9%
ProOne Traveler+ Stainless-Steel Gravity Water Filter System98.6%99.9%100%
ProOne Water Filter Pitcher98.6%99.9%100%
ProOne ProMax Brushed Nickel Shower Filter64.8%54.1%47.5%

If you’re interested in a showerhead water filter to remove chlorine and chloramine, check out our dedicated guide to that.

Get a water filter to remove chlorine and chloramine. and you could feel wonderful.
Remove chlorine for better hair!

Please check back soon for more details in this work-in-progress article!

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