The Best Water Filters To Remove Aluminum

Based on our research, the best water filter to remove aluminum and nearly all other contaminants, like mercury and microplastics, is the ProOne water filter. It’s very important to remove aluminum because it is a neurotoxin. Some scientists believe aluminum building up in the brain causes alzheimers disease. Removing aluminum seems to help with autism as well. More info about that below.

ImageProduct DetailsInstallationPercent of Aluminum RemovedRemoves Pesticides?Removes Fluoride?
ProOne Traveler+ Stainless-Steel Gravity Water Filter SystemCountertop standalone98%YesYes
ProOne Water Filter PitcherPitcher98%YesYes
Clearly Filtered Water Filter PitcherPitcher88.4%YesYes
Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter PitcherPitcher98.5%NoNo

While we do recommend the ProOne to remove just about everything, if you want a cheaper filter that doesn’t remove everything but does still remove aluminum, a classic Brita filter pitcher can do the job too.

How Aluminum Causes Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists have built a pretty good case that aluminum in the brain causes the neuron “tangles” that are found in Alzheimer’s. Aluminum gets into our brains over the course of our lives.To learn more about this and how to prevent it, you can read this PhD biochemist’s book:

Prevent Alzheimer’s, Autism and Stroke

Sources of Aluminum – Water, Dyes, & Drugs

Unless you use a good water filter, aluminum is probably in your drinking water. It’s also found in drugs and common food additives. Antacids for heartburn are often full of aluminum, and so are food dyes, found in many processed foods.

Can We Remove Aluminum?

Once aluminum is in your brain and body, it’s very hard to get it out. Up until recently, we thought it was almost impossible. But according to that book, drinking naturally occurring silica water will slowly “suck” the aluminum out of your brain, increasing cognitive clarity! The silica, which is found naturally in products like Fiji Water, attaches itself to the aluminum and the aluminum can then finally be removed from the brain and excreted. After reading this book, we have started drinking a liter of Fiji Water a day!

FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 16.9 Fl Oz (Pack of 24)

Silica water for alzheimers and autism.

Here’s a scientific study showing evidence that removing aluminum by drinking silica water helps with Alzheimer’s disease:

Silicon-rich mineral water as a non-invasive test of the ‘aluminum hypothesis’ in Alzheimer’s disease

When you have one of these water filters to remove aluminum, you could feel like this beautiful image looks.
Filtering aluminum might calm the brain.

Aluminum Causes Brain Fog

Aluminum isn’t just bad for Alzheimer’s sufferers. In lower amounts, it also causes brain fog, bad memory, and irritability. This study of welders found that the ones that absorbed lots of aluminum had lots of brain issues and struggled in their lives:

Cognitive disorders among welders exposed to aluminum

Filtering the aluminum from your drinking water might improve your memory, attention, and mental sharpness, benefits that we could all use in these trying times!

Why We Recommend This Water Filter to Remove Aluminum

While you can remove aluminum from your water with a simple Brita filter, we recommend the ProOne water filter instead, because it removes aluminum AND the other things in your water that could cause hormone problems, brain fog, or even cancer. Pharmaceuticals, microplastics, mercury, and pesticides are all frequent offenders for polluting your drinking water. You need a good water filter to keep you safe and healthy!

ProOne Traveler+ Stainless-Steel Gravity Water Filter System

ProOne removes just about EVERYTHING from your water, including fluoride, and it is our informed opinion that it is the best balance of quality and cost on the market. ProOne’s gravity-fed system and their water filter pitcher both remove 98% of aluminum from the water. (source)

Get a water filter that removes aluminum and you won't serve up bad water!
Serve silica water, not aluminum!

Other Good Water Filters

ClearlyFiltered also makes great products. According to their lab reports, their water filter pitcher removes 88.4% of aluminum from drinking water.

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

Cheaper Options

Brita’s water filter pitcher a is a cheap way to remove 98.5% of aluminum (source) from your water, but it won’t do as good a job getting rid of many of the other contaminants like lead, chemicals, and hormones.

Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

In Conclusion

It’s very important to remove aluminum from your drinking water, because science shows that aluminum will damage the brain. Thankfully, there are some good water filters that remove aluminum and keep you safe!

Water filters to remove aluminum would protect these deer from cognitive decline.
No aluminum in the water for these deer!

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